A Student Petition on the VCE Exams

A group called High School Activate has launched a petition, to the VCAA and the Victorian Minister for Education, on the VCE errors business. I obviously agree with and support plenty (but not all) in the letter. But just to be clear, I have no idea who HSA are, and they definitely aren’t me or associated with me.

Presumably the intention is for the petition to be signed by current and finishing school students, but it’s up to you/HSA.


4 Replies to “A Student Petition on the VCE Exams”

  1. Thanks for sharing, Marty 🙂
    Everyone is welcome to sign the petition. It’s not just students who are affected by this, we’re thinking parents, uni teachers, the public etc. would care too! Arguably VCE teachers could stand the most to benefit compared to us students who are in the system for one or two years and move on, so we’d love them to sign if they agree!

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