The Stability of Stupidity

We’ve been pondering VCAA’s weird defence of their 2022 exam questions, and we decided to investigate a little. We’ll write more on this soon, but for now just a quick post on something very unsurprising that we stumbled upon in the Year 12 Specialist texts. The following is an exercise that appears in both Jacaranda and Nelson (but not in Cambridge):

If the exercise seems familiar, that’s because it is. The exercise is the first part of the poly-idiotic 2021 Specialist exam question, which helped launch the still-continuing VCAA saga. Of course Jacaranda and Nelson include the exam question, and label it as such, exactly because it is an exam question.

It will also come as no surprise that both texts fail to note that (i) is stuffed (and that (ii) is appalling). Both texts fail, even, to include VCAA’s weaselly exam report acknowledgment that (ii) has two solutions (while continuing to pretend that (i) is not stuffed). This was always going to happen. Undoubtedly, it’ll happen again.

The exam reports being accurate matters. VCAA being honest matters. In particular, VCAA’s continued refusal to correct their dishonest 2022 exam reports is unconscionable.

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  1. The current Cambridge specialist 3+4 text has been written by maths education people AND working mathematicians. It has also been heavily vetted for errors, inconsistencies and sloppy language. I got a copy recently and it has proofs and mathematical logic done right. It’s (the text) existence gives me some hope of something going in the right direction. Just take the small wins

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