Julie Inman Grant: Censor and Asshole

Six months ago, I wrote about Julie Inman Grant, Australia’s eSafety Commissioner, and her fight with Musk-Twitter-X. Now, she’s apparently at it again.

I’m not going to work to figure out the details of this latest round of the fight. There is no need. In June I worked enough to figure out what Inman Grant was on about, and I know her all too well. She is an appalling woman, an authoritarian and self-righteous censor in an appalling office, backed by appalling legislation and cheered on by appallingly ignorant stenographer-journalists who should damn well know better.

For those who care to read, Inman Grant’s latest sermonising can be found here, here, here and here. But I’ll bet the house that there is no point. Just read what I wrote in June; she won’t have changed. One doesn’t have to like or respect Musk to realise that Inman Grant and her fellow goons are a much greater threat than the threats from which she is supposedly protecting us.

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    1. Thanks, Rod, assuming it’s not sarcasm.

      It’s perhaps a little odd to post on such matters on a maths ed blog. But to me it all feels part of the same thing.

      1. Absolutely not sarcasm. It’s important to speak up wherever possible.
        Twitter kept me sane during the covid lockdowns as I was able to discover people who had similar thoughts on the whole destructive stupidity of the government response.
        Julie Inman Grant and her merry band of followers are extraordinarily dangerous.
        Dutton’s recent capitulation is disasterous.

      1. Thanks, K2b. I doubt she’s officially CIA or whatever. But the kissy-kissy closeness of these censors to such government bodies is disgusting and deeply disturbing.

  1. Thank you for posting this.

    Julie Inman Grant is genuinely the greatest threat to freedom of speech in Australia.

      1. Criminals (especially politicized criminals like communist socialists and fascist socialists) want their intended victims disarmed of all rights to intellectual and physical self defense to their frauds, propaganda, defamation, attempted mass murder, . . ., so once they seize power (by fraud) they fabricate “laws” to censor facts/truth and criminalize exercise of civil rights (freedom). There is but one way to deal with criminals (e.g., Fascistic Marxist Mafia), and it isn’t peaceful. Billions of people need to engage in citizens’ arrests of millions of these politicized criminals.

  2. I’d never heard of the woman before, but noticed all the advertisements, I mean interviews, that she’d given everywhere, and the strong scent of wokism, and thought I better investigate. And then I found you…

    I’m just glad Elon can tell her to go bite herself… Problem is we have a government that is just as woke.

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