Tony Gardiner 1947-2024

I just saw the announcements by the London Mathematical Society and the UK Maths Trust. Tony was great, absolutely irreplaceable. And as a very minor part of his greatness, Tony became such a big part and was so generous to this blog, and to me personally. This is so sad.

UPDATE (22/02/24)

In their latest newsletter (p 40), the London Mathematical Society has a lovely obituary for Tony, by his co-author, Alexandre Borovik. It ends,

Tony had exceptional academic and intellectual integrity. He was very modest. And, above all, he was a very kind man always helping a talented student or a bright school child who needed help, and did so right up to the last days of his life.

UPDATE (16/02/24)

The UK Telegraph has a very nice obituary for Tony, here.

UPDATE (27/01/24)

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of the various posts about Tony Gardiner and his work, but others who have wandered in may not be. So, I thought it may worthwhile to list the main posts here, with brief descriptions.

You Got a Problem With That (27/05/21)

The first “Tony” post, on The Essence of Mathematics Through Elementary Problems, the excellent free book by Tony and Alexandre Borovik.

Tony Gardiner: What is Mathematical Literacy? (08/12/23)

The last “Tony” post, a great unpublished paper that Tony wrote for ICME10.

A Maths Ed Lecture From Long Ago (24/03/23)

My (long forgotten) introduction to Tony.

Tony Gardiner: ‘Problem-Solving’? Or Problem Solving? (17/11/21)

The reproduction of a 1996 article by Tony from the Mathematical Gazette.

NotCH 4: Five Problems From Tony Gardiner (14/11/21)

Five problems, which form the framing of Tony’s article on “problem solving”.

Tony Gardiner on Exactness and Approximation (27/09/21)

The first of the three excerpts from Tony’s excellent book, Teaching Mathematics at Secondary Level.

Tony Gardiner on Financial Mathematics (27/09/21)

The second excerpt.

Tony Gardiner on Problem Solving (28/09/21)

The third excerpt.

NotCH 2: A digits puzzle (01/09/21)

A discussion from Teaching Mathematics at Secondary Level, (re)framed around apparent and provable patterns.

The Game of 24 (18/09/23)

A great arithmetic game, with a really great challenge by Tony.

11 Replies to “Tony Gardiner 1947-2024”

    1. Really a great loss. He fought many years of his life to improve Mathematics teaching, against all the insanity proposed in educacional reforms.

  1. This is a film about the 2006 IMO British team. It features Tony in many different scenes and has
    interviews with him.

      1. It’s a really great film, and having Tony there is a bonus. Thanks for collating all of Tony’s posts in one place!

  2. I’m a headteacher at a primary school (though taking time out to do a masters at the University of Cambridge).
    Tony visited my school two or three times and was always ready with perspectives that I could not get anywhere else.
    We were due to meet in December.
    Such a loss. What a legacy he leaves to us – though we may be small in number, our task (as teachers) is desperately clear.
    If anyone has any details about the Teacher Summer Schools that Tony ran at Cambridge 2007-2009 please do email me

    1. Thanks very much, Janella. Separate from the blog, I’m unlikely to hear much, but if I do I’ll be sure to contact you.

      (Also, it’s generally considered unwise to post one’s email address on blogs and the like. It’s up to you, but I’m happy to edit your comment to end “… please contact Marty for my email address”, or whatever.)

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