The Mathematics of Education Conferences

I know nothing of researchED, other that it’s vaguely part of the Ashman world. I did happen to notice, however, the fee for the upcoming resEd conference at Ballarat. So, it appears that for the price of one Peter Liljedahl you could instead purchase about fifty researchEDs.


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        1. I know Marty, but Tom Bennett who set these up is the guru in Behaviour Management in the UK and he is very sensible. His book on Behaviour Management should be a textbook in teacher training. Greg’s book ‘The Truth about Teaching’ is also excellent.

          I haven’t been to one (couldn’t go last year), but have seen references to the UK ones on Twitter. I don’t expect there will be many rich tasks discussed!

          There’s quite a few passionate science devotees on Twitter etc who don’t really understand the way science works (particularly the world’s complexity and the rather broken nature of the modern research environment). These people tend to use phrases like ‘evidence-based’.

          However I suspect there’ll be enough people who are informed by common sense and evidence to have some good conversations.

          1. Sure. I wasn’t now arguing to *not* go. I just thought you and Terry deciding to go was an unintended and amusing side effect of my post.

            As for Tom Bennett, I don’t know much about him. But he pissed off that lordly Monash clown Viv Ellis, and that sanctimonious ANU clown Jenna Price, so he can’t be all bad.

            1. If you’re into podcasts, listen to one with Tom B in it – he an ex-Manager of a nightclub and gets the real world!

              In his book ‘Running the Room’, his description of the strategy of how to get an absolutely feral class working well was fascinating. That book is total gold!

              1. I am out to podcasts. And TB is really not my stuff. I believe he is sensible, but I just like that he pisses off clowns.

        1. Sorry Terry – too much on – won’t be going tomorrow – hope it goes well. Look forward to catching up another time.

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