Whip Me, Beat Me, Call Me Edna

I’m still desperately trying to find some clear air to get back to proper blogging, but just a quick meta one.

For the last few weeks, readers of this blog have been annoyed by that idiotic “discover more” pop-up subscription thing. I didn’t initiate the stupid thing, and I’ve yelled at the blogger service that seemingly did. But I was also too snowed to think hard how to stop it until, yesterday, Franz the Complainer thought to mention his annoyance. Then I dug around and figured out how to stop it. (Hopefully.) So, the message is: abuse me.

I’m crazy-busy and I put almost no time into pondering how to improve this blog. I have a list of improvements and fixes to do, but God knows when I’ll get to them. I do respond to abuse, however. If there are clunky things about the blog that annoy you, or obvious improvements to make, particularly simple ones, then please let me know. Just a quick comment anywhere, or an email through the “contact” button. I still might not do it, but I will take reader’s thoughts on it more seriously than my own.

And, for those pondering the title of this post, here you go:

6 Replies to “Whip Me, Beat Me, Call Me Edna”

  1. I don’t like the subscription pop up as it was; if it actually worked and only showed up once (and not every blog post I read), and if it didn’t spring me to the top of the post after only showing up half way through reading, it might actually be bearable.

    Long live wordpress.

  2. Hi marty. Saw this re: ‘Structured Literacy’, a combination of phonics and direct instruction by the teacher. It reminded me of Jen Deyzel. It looks like the tide is turning in English. Now all we need is ‘Structured Mathematics’, but the inquiry- and project-based numeracy zealots seem to be stubbornly entrenched and disproportionately influential. Sad.


    1. Thanks, Anonymouskouri. I’m not convinced we’re too close to the tide turning in mathematics, and I’m more than a little nervous about what the tide might bring in. I get very nervous whenever I read “best-practice, evidence-based” and “the science of learning” and the like. It all smells of a lab rat approach to education, which I fear as much as the flaky play-based thing. And all to justify the bleeding obvious.

      I wrote to someone earlier today about this sciency stuff. I described it as using an elephant gun to shoot a flea, and missing.

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