WitCH 124: Blunderbus

On we go with our NAPLAN WitCHfest. The next few are from the 2019 Year 9 test. This one, from the non-calculator part, is not as bad as the previous WitCHes, and I thought at times to let it go. But every time I took it off the list it felt wrong to do so. So, here it is. Tell me I’m wrong.


4 Replies to “WitCH 124: Blunderbus”

  1. Why do none of them begin with 10?

    Or do we just assume the question meant to say something different to what it actually says?

    1. Why do they have to include $10? The question doesn’t say the sequence has to include every possible balance on that day (or even if they have to be in order).

    2. Yeah, the lack of 10s really irritated me (and it’s not the only thing). The question is still correct as worded, since it is not explicitly stated that *all* times of the day are included. But not including 10 is just dumb.

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