WitCH 127: Sheep Stations

We’ll end the WitCHing of the recent Year 9 NAPLAN tests with noting three questions from 2017, the first of which was whacked long ago, here (and see all NAPLAN posts and articles here). The second question, from the calculator part, is below.

14 Replies to “WitCH 127: Sheep Stations”

  1. I feel if you have already made two sides of the yard, the other two sides are already fix. Unless the fence is not fixed and moveable. Kinda would be hard to move at 33.6 m.

  2. If answers are rounded to one decimal place, shouldn’t the first and last options be 14.0 and 15.0?

    1. They probably should. Also, students can skirt around showing their understanding of rounding by checking whether 14.8 or 14.9 get you to the desired minimum area.

        1. Depends, as my engineering lecture would say. Though, regardless of the thickness, you cannot be sure of the other side’s minimum lengths because the thickness of the post will impact how long the sides will be in order to meet the minimum area required.

          1. Whatever it is, it makes distinguishing between 14.8 and 14.9 completely nuts. (And as if the sheep are anyway gonna give a toss if the yard is 499 m2 or whatever.)

              1. And the difference in area is roughly 3.36 square meters. If these sheep live in Paddington, that’s roughly 86,500 dollars at current market rates. (Those sheep should give a toss!)

                1. Fien. If the question had noticed the sheep lived in Paddington, then fair enough. The sheep in West Rochester, not so much.

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