5 Replies to “WitCH 135: Stone the Crows”

  1. Can they at least make their diagram align to their tokenistic shoehorning of indigenous culture?

    1. Their diagram (without the labelled angles) is straight out of the article that Marty links to… but definitely needs a lot more context than given in the question – the large stones on the left in this figure (Fig 6) are not directly connected to the angles, figure 8 would have been better…

  2. It just tells you how ‘scientific’ those scientists who study the Aboriginal culture in Victoria 🙂

    1. Interestingly, the Aboriginal astronomy thing is not total rubbish (and is the only aspect of “Aboriginal mathematics” that is not total rubbish). You can read about the Victorian stone site here, and the argument that the layout is indicating the equinoxes. But, as AQAR points out, even if true the question above is still just forced and silly and tokenistic.

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