My Previous Post on Julie Inman Grant

A (friendly)* lawyer advised me that I should delete my previous post on Censorship Commissar, Julie Inman Grant. I question the concerns, but he is a lawyer and I am not, so I have deleted the post. I believe it is safe to say I think Inman Grant is extraordinarily dangerous, and I am appalled by her heavy-handed and self-righteous censorship. My previous posts on Inman Grant are here, here and here.


*) The lawyer has strongly objected to being described as “friendly”: it would apparently threaten his lawyerly reputation of being an “asshole”. We’ll try “sympathetic”.

3 Replies to “My Previous Post on Julie Inman Grant”

  1. There is an old Soviet parabole/joke: A person was apprehended by the KGB while throwing flyers on the Red Square in protest against the regime. After arresting the man, KGB agents were surprised to discover that the flyers were empty – just lists of papers – without any content. Surprised agents asked the man what it meant. The man told them: There is no need to write, you and everyone else know it all.
    Next time, Marty, you just have to post her name, and we will understand.

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