Good Book Burning and Bad Book Burning

The whole of Australia is pissed right now, with a Sydney council that decided to ban books on same sex parenting. Fine. But when librarians team up with a frickin’ Aboriginal clown to burn books somehow everybody cheers.

Evidently, some book burners are more equal than others.

6 Replies to “Good Book Burning and Bad Book Burning”

  1. When I read the articles about this and I immediately thought of your post. Whatever suits the people in power is always what is permissible.

    1. Thanks, Potii. I didn’t think of my post. Been too flat out with non-blog stuff to pay much attention to anything. But my brother noted the hypocrisy.

  2. And when school leavers gather around the bonfire, I can imagine the mathematics books get a special mention.

    Books are books. Someone chose to write them, someone agreed to print them.

    Disagree with the contents all you want but destroying history (even the parts of it you disagree with) is not OK.

  3. I recall a case in the USA where there was a move to sack a philosophy professor who was a Marxist and taught in that way. The president chose not to sack him. When asked about the impact his influence might be having on young minds he answered something like this.

    Half of the students don’t listen. Half of the rest of the students don’t understand, And half of the rest of the students don’t believe him. So he is not influencing the minds of many students.

    1. These anecdotes are wonderfully amusing. In this one, you can almost see the start of a Mathematics problem…

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