Dan, Dan the Hot Dog Man

This is a frivolous post, sort of about maths teaching, which begins with an irrelevant and even more frivolous story, sort of about dance teaching.

My daughters learn dancing from Jodie Greenwood, who was a highly accomplished dancer and is an even more accomplished teacher, perhaps the best teacher, of anything, that I have ever witnessed. Jodie’s school is small now and runs on a shoestring, but a decade ago it was large and still ran on a shoestring. One of the Carrollian features of the school then was that it appeared to offer more scholarships than there were students. The school appeared to lack a good financial manager.

What Jodie’s school did have was Dan, my brother and Jodie’s boyfriend. Dan split his time between writing continental philosophy and doing pretty much whatever the dance school required to support the teaching. He was MC, gofer, mirror mover and tons more. Possibly, Dan also brought a continental philosophical approach to the school’s finances. In any case, Dan did a lot, including the hot dogs.

The dance school weekends were long and chaotic, with many students taking many classes over many hours. The students worked hard and got hungry, and so the school offered (Don) hot dogs, at a dollar a pop. Again with the continental (frankfurter) finances. Of course Dan was in charge of the hot dogs and so he became known as Dan, Dan the Hot Dog Man.

That endeth the dance story.

This silly memory was sparked a week or so ago, when watching a silly Twitter spat. I don’t do Twitter, in the same way that I don’t do nude mud wrestling. But I love to watch Twitter spats, in the same way … But I digress.

This Twitter spat was prompted by the NSW Department of Education’s call for explicit teaching. This call was of the “well, duh” variety and may not have much effect, but anyone in doubt of its proper purpose might take a wade in this inquiry swampfest, still offered by the NSW DoE. In any case, Greg Ashman weighed in with a substack post and a follow-up, and on Twitter. The fun was on.

This was all pretty standard but then Dan Meyer, Boaler sprog and Desmos hawker, made an appearance. Meyer, who is the real Dan subject of this post, wanted everyone on Twitter to know that he was above all the petty Twitter squabbling:

Ashman wasn’t having it, snarkily noting Meyer’s hypocrisy with a link to Meyer’s Math class needs a makeover TED talk:

To which Dan responded:

Thus was my memory triggered.

The funny thing about all this is that I’ve never seen Ashman do other than address the substance of an argument. Greg may land a convenient hip and shoulder while going through but he’s always playing the ball, not the man. But still, and maybe because, Ashman seems really hated by these guys.

Me? I have zero interest in engaging in such disputes, and particularly with vested nitwits like Meyer. They are so predictable and vacuous, so smugly superior in the comfort of their power, I regard them as worthy of nothing but contempt and name-calling. And a fitting name for Meyer is Dan, Dan the Hot Dog Man.

Except, of course, that the Hot Dog name is already taken. Oh, well. Given the amount of baloney Dan Meyer produces, I have an alternative. I think I’ll call him Oscar.

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  1. Don’t bring a knife to a bun fight…?

    (Sorry, it just popped into my head when reading the final tweet).

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