Tell VCAA What You Think. Now!

You have four days left to complete VCAA’s questionnaire on the loathsome mathematics Study Design. Do it. Consider completing this task the fee for all the jokes and the catharsis provided by this blog.

Of course you needn’t parrot the views of this blog. You needn’t note that the current loathsome Study Design is loathsome. There is no requirement to note that CAS poisons everything and that, other than Outer Mongolia or somewhere, there’s not another region in the World that imposes this technocrap in the manner of VCAA, and that there’s not an iota of evidence that this technocrap is of any proper purpose or benefit whatsoever. You may skip mentioning that pseudocode is pointless and that “algorithmic thinking”, if anything at all, is just a trashed version of mathematical reasoning. There is no obligation to highlight that hypothesis testing at the school level is pointless and unanchored garbage, loathed far and wide, including by professors of statistics. You can stay absolutely silent about the need for a senior mathematics curriculum to be based around properly deep and mutually reinforcing topics, and that this hasn’t been seen in Victoria since John Batman wandered up the Yarra. I will not be making any suggestions whatsoever of what you might say. It is totally up to you.

But do it. Please.


11 Replies to “Tell VCAA What You Think. Now!”

  1. I did the survey as soon as it opened. I consider the 75 minutes it took me time well spent although I did spend more time than I was planning to do so giving the whole SAC structure a good whack. Repeatedly.

    I left General Mathematics mostly alone and skipped Foundation totally, saving the bulk of my feedback for Specialist and Methods.

    Hopefully I was clear enough – there is hope, but it will take seismic change in how the course is structured and assessed.

    Time will tell (and make fools of us all, perhaps)

  2. Just finished inputting my feedback. That was exhausting. Almost like VCAA don’t want people to provide feedback on their study designs.

  3. Do I have to? I’m reading – well, sort of skipping through – the VCAA study design, and I’m slowly losing the will to live. What an appalling document; full of buzzwords, nonsense words, despicable word formations “mathematisation” (what’s wrong with “modelling”?), and a general pervasive sense of intellectual wooliness. I don’t know where to start, even in the survey. The very first question invites a diatribe, but I doubt my blood pressure is up to it; I feel old and decrepit enough already. But I’ll give it my best shot, and see how I go …

    1. Save your legs! It’s a marathon not a sprint. You’ve got to string that diatribe out over about 45 open-ended questions.

      I think this strategy is going to backfire on VCAA though. The only people with the stamina to get through this thing are fired by indignant rage.

      1. I honestly don’t think it’s a strategy designed to discourage submissions. In any case you don’t have to write 45 essays. Make the big points.

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