PoSWW 40: SACE and Desist

While VCAA is slowly crawling back to the real world, others have boarded a Ferrari to MagicLand. The South Australian Certificate of Education, as part of their Strategic Plan, has embarked upon a path of Subject Renewal, complete with Subject Renewal Groups:

For this interested in participating, applications can be submitted here and psychological assistance can be found here.

5 Replies to “PoSWW 40: SACE and Desist”

  1. Why did my heart sink when I first read this?
    I suppose that the renewal groups for maths could argue for the removal of folio tasks that can easily be a source of unevenness between schools as no one can tell how much support a class received in creating their folio, but given that there is to be an emphasis on “a broader range of evidence of learning” this is highly unlikely.

    1. What is in there to not make the heart sink?

      I’ve heard a bit about SA’s folio scamming but I don’t really know about it. If you give me some links (in comment or email), I can take a look.

  2. “…. including those who would not typically identify as experts ….” OK.
    How many teachers will give the game away once this nonsense takes hold?

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