Keith Devlin and His Struggle with Maths Non-Experts

Is it significant that Keith Devlin’s twitter handle has “prof” in it, and that the name of Devlin’s website has “prof” in it? Maybe not, but at the moment it feels significant. Greg “Non-Prof” Ashman could reasonably regard it as significant. Last week we wrote a bit about Slow Jo Boaler, her threat to call […]

Original Digital Sin

About a decade ago, the New York Times ran an opinion pieceĀ in which the authors argued for a renewed emphasis on the traditional algorithms for arithmetic. In particular, the authors claimed and lamented an increasing use of calculators as a supposed alternative to proper instruction in the algorithms: The idea is that competence with algorithms […]

Brian Conrad Rips into the California Mathematics Framework

We haven’t paid all that much attention to the California Mathematics Framework, except for noting Jo Boaler (and Keith Devlin) making an idiot of herself again (ditto Devlin). We’re too busy with the local clowns. Greg Ashman, however, has noted a remarkable new front in the war over CMF, and it is worth highlighting.