Deloitte, Gniel and VCAA’s Falsehoods

The background to this post is here. Although the Deloitte review of VCAA’s mathematics exams was a sham, designed to conclude nothing of substance, the final Deloitte report nonetheless contains some well-hidden but damning conclusions. Having finally been permitted to read the report, it now seems clear to me that VCAA repeatedly lied about these […]

Stephen Gniel Falls Upwards to ACARA

Yesterday, ACARA and the Federal Minister for Education announced that Stephen Gniel had been appointed to a three year term as CEO of ACARA. Gniel was selected by the ACARA Board following a “competitive selection process”, noting Gniel “brings to ACARA a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience in education …”. Neither media release addressed […]

Deloitte, QCAA and NESA

This is the first part of a double-post. It was initially one long(er) post, but it seemed preferable to split off the background, on aspects of the Deloitte review, into its own post, which is below. The substance proper is in the next post. I’ve also written on the Deloitte story here, but there are […]

The Australian Curriculum Sucks. Who Knew?

Well, um, we knew. As did anyone who cared to look. Now, it seems, Australia’s education reporters know. In the last couple of days the Australian Curriculum has been getting a proper pounding from the Guardian, the Age/SMH, the AFR sticking both boots in, and the Australian sticking three boots in (Murdoch, paywalled).