A Quick Question About ACER

I’ve written very little about the Australian Council for Educational Research (weird italics in the original). I recently whacked some nonsense from ACER’s CEO, Geoff Masters, and of course there was the gender madness, courtesy of some clown at ACER’s UK offshoot. I also have another ACER-related post in the works, but mostly I’ve left them alone. As I wrote in the preamble to whacking Masters,

Unlike VCAA and ACARA, for example, ACER has not appeared to be omnipresently idiotic. For the most part ACER just professionally goes about its business, quietly screwing things up. Continue reading “A Quick Question About ACER”

ACER’s Guide to Gender Correctness

ACER, which began life ninety years ago in Camberwell as a tiny educational research institute, is now a worldwide, um, thing. Courtesy of ACER’s UK branch, we have a very informative guide, titled,

The assessment community has promoted gender stereotyping for decades. How can we stop?

The guide, written by a single ACER “Research Fellow”, is labelled as a comment piece. As such, the guide presumably does not rise to the level of ACER policy. Nonetheless, it’s there on ACER’s website and it seems fair for ACER to take the credit.

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