Maths Experts Do Not Reaffirm Support For Curriculum Changes

A few weeks ago, the Sydney Morning Herald published a report by Lisa Visentin and Anna Prytz, with the pithy title, Maths experts reaffirm support for curriculum changes as leading group sounds alarm The “leading group” refers to AMSI, which indeed sounded the alarm, calling for a halt of ACARA’s review of the mathematics curriculum. The […]

Does There Exist a Sensible Australian Maths Ed Academic?

Yes, the question is rhetorical, but it is not just rhetorical. A couple months ago, Greg Ashman asked Twitter a more specific version of this question: [W]ho are the education academics in Australia who specialise in mathematics teaching and who advocate for explicit teaching, times tables etc.? Ashman has a decently large following, but the […]

AAS Fellows Were Apparently Not Consulted in the Signing of the Joint Statement

A couple of days ago we wrote about the Australian Academy of Science squirming away from the March 31 joint statement, which they had signed. AAS effectively claimed that the joint statement was mere motherhooding on problem-solving, and “was not in response to” the draft curriculum. AAS’s clarification wan’t much of a clarification; it was […]

AAS Did Not Endorse the Draft Mathematics Curriculum

The title is accurate, although it requires explanation. But, first things first. We’ve been sitting on details of this story for weeks, waiting for aspects to become clear. Or, mostly, waiting for the Australian Academy of Science to admit that they screwed up and to correct their screw up. There is still no clarity or […]

ACARA Tells the Australian Mathematical Society to Get Stuffed

The period for submissions to ACARA on their draft mathematics curriculum closed on July 8. Our intention is to wind this up, and get to the backlogged mountains of nonsense, but there are at least a couple more posts that need to be done. On July 2, The President of the Australian Mathematical Society,* Ole […]

Education Fires Back Again

There is another contribution from the Education community: How to do the sums for an excellent maths curriculum This one does not directly address the open letter, although, given the framing and the links, it is difficult to not see the article as an intended rebuttal. Again, we know little of the authors, and we […]

ACARA Crash 0: It Was a Dark and Stormy Curriculum

It was a dark and stormy curriculum; the jargon fell in torrents—except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by violent gusts of puffery which swept up the streets (for it is in Australia that our scene lies), rattling along the schooltops, and fiercely agitating the scanty flames of thought that struggled against the darkness. […]

How Do You Solve a Problem Like ACARA?

When I’m with them I’m confused Out of focus and bemused … That’s pretty much it, except for the “bemused” bit. But our cheap-joke title is also asking a genuine question: what does ACARA think is the essence of “problem-solving”? How do you solve a problem like ACARA (does)? The answer is a classic bait […]

Leading By Example

What a month. It’s raining mendacity. Today, the ridiculous AMSI-AAMT-MERGA statement received further press coverage, this time in a report from education stenographer, Suzan Delibasic (paywalled, Murdoch): “Leading experts are calling for a maths curriculum overhaul, with a major review set to focus on fixing declining academic results.” Once the stage has been set with […]