The Origins of “Why Maths Must Change”

Many months ago, and many months too late, we submitted an FOI application, seeking documents from ACARA. We were interested in the origins of the statement Why Maths Must Change, signed onto by five prominent mathematics and mathematics education organisations in support of ACARA’s draft mathematics curriculum. We had previously written of our sea-bed low […]

Why We Have Maths Wars

The Age is getting ready to have another Schools Summit, this time under the banner “Disruption, resilience and new possibilities”, whatever that means. The Summit’s headline acts are (the ghost of) Alan Tudge and ACARA‘s Renaissance CEO Man, David de Carvalho. There is also a brief panel discussion on “Maths Wars”:

Alan Tudge Calls for a Rewrite of the Draft Curriculum

Rebecca Urban has a report in The Australian today (Murdoch, paywalled): ‘Warped lessons must be dumped’: Tudge Education Minister Alan Tudge says the board of the country’s schooling authority must substantially rewrite its draft national curriculum, warning he will not endorse the proposed document amid concern student outcomes would be harmed. … In the letter, […]

ACARA Tells the Australian Mathematical Society to Get Stuffed

The period for submissions to ACARA on their draft mathematics curriculum closed on July 8. Our intention is to wind this up, and get to the backlogged mountains of nonsense, but there are at least a couple more posts that need to be done. On July 2, The President of the Australian Mathematical Society,* Ole […]

Open Letter to ACARA and the ACARA Board

The following is an open letter to David de Carvalho, CEO of ACARA, and to the ACARA Board. regarding the draft mathematics curriculum. The home of the letter is here, you can sign up here, and the list of current signatories is here. Disclosure: The letter was not my idea, and it is not my […]

ACARA Crash 0: It Was a Dark and Stormy Curriculum

It was a dark and stormy curriculum; the jargon fell in torrents—except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by violent gusts of puffery which swept up the streets (for it is in Australia that our scene lies), rattling along the schooltops, and fiercely agitating the scanty flames of thought that struggled against the darkness. […]

How Do You Solve a Problem Like ACARA?

When I’m with them I’m confused Out of focus and bemused … That’s pretty much it, except for the “bemused” bit. But our cheap-joke title is also asking a genuine question: what does ACARA think is the essence of “problem-solving”? How do you solve a problem like ACARA (does)? The answer is a classic bait […]