When Asking For 3/4 + 6 – 1/4 is Racist

Oh, Canada. We’re very late to this one and it is way outside our territory, but it feels necessary to post something. In December the Ontario Superior Court, in a 3-0 decision, ruled that requiring prospective teachers to pass Ontario’s Mathematics Proficiency Test (MPT) violated the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The reason? According […]

A Fraction Question

We have a question. One of the simplest possible fraction multiplications is 1/3 x 1/5 = 1/15 The question is, why? What is your simplest explanation of this equation? To make the task absolutely clear, the explanation is to be suitable for an imagined average primary school student who is just being introduced to the […]

Puzzling Souls

We’re a little out of steam right now. Some big posts are planned, but it’s difficult to gather our strength to write them. In the meantime, we’ll keep things going with a few light and easy posts. A while back we posted some (still unanswered) puzzles by Tony Gardiner, as well as the excellent article […]

In Defense of Alan Tudge

We’ve been working on a post defending a nazi,* so we may as well warm up with a try on Tudge.** The first thing to say is that Tudge is an asshole. As we wrote on another occasion, Tudge is a nasty, down-punching, vindictive, glass-jawed, born to rule shithead.  He should have ceased to have been a Minister long, […]

Tony Gardiner: ‘Problem-Solving’? Or Problem Solving?

The following is an article by Tony Gardiner, originally published in 1996 in the Mathematical Gazette. It is reproduced here with the kind permission of Tony, the Chief Editor of the Mathematical Gazette and the Mathematical Association. The original article is available on JSTOR, here (via an educational library), and we’ve also separately posted the […]