In Defense of Alan Tudge

We’ve been working on a post defending a nazi,* so we may as well warm up with a try on Tudge.** The first thing to say is that Tudge is an asshole. As we wrote on another occasion, Tudge is a nasty, down-punching, vindictive, glass-jawed, born to rule shithead.  He should have ceased to have been a Minister long, […]

Tony Gardiner: ‘Problem-Solving’? Or Problem Solving?

The following is an article by Tony Gardiner, originally published in 1996 in the Mathematical Gazette. It is reproduced here with the kind permission of Tony, the Chief Editor of the Mathematical Gazette and the Mathematical Association. The original article is available on JSTOR, here (via an educational library), and we’ve also separately posted the […]

Secret 2021 Specialist Business: Exam 2 Discussion

Last one. We’re keen to hear. ************************************ UPDATE (09/05/22) We’ve now had a chance to look at the exam report. Of course blatantly lying about the screw up in 2(a) is not good, even if it’s par for VCAA’s gutless course. Our comments on this, and everything, are interlaced below, in green.

Secret 2021 Methods Business: Exam 2 Discussion

As for yesterday, we’ve been handballed a copy of the Methods 2 exam, and we haven’t looked at it yet. **************************************************** UPDATE (23/04/22) Our comments on the exam report are now interlaced below, in green. here. Needless to say, the examiners didn’t confess to, much less apologise for, any of their screw-ups.