Barney’s Rubble

I’m late to this, but I’m late to everything these days. (Next week: my take on whether Barbie or Oppenheimer is the better movie.*) A few months ago, I wrote about the ACT literacy and numeracy inquiry. The primary concern of the inquiry is the SES inequity of ACT schools, with the immediate suspect for this inequity being the high level of school independence within the ACT system. The inquiry was conducted by an Expert Panel, chaired by “distinguished university educator”, Professor Barney Dalgarno. The submissions (including my small offering) are here. Now, from a few weeks ago, the Final Report┬áis available, accompanied by an Executive Summary and a Community Summary. In general, the Report appears to have been well received, with the ACT Government also agreeing “in principle” to the acceptance of the Report’s recommendations. I am less receptive. Continue reading “Barney’s Rubble”

Sending a Message to ACT’s Education Experts

This one is by request, and it’s way, way late. A month or so ago, I was contacted by Jessica Ring, a member of something called the ACT Alliance for Evidence-Based Education. Jessica contacted me because there had been set up a lightning ACT literacy and numeracy inquiry, and Jessica was hoping I would make a submission. Which I will, because I tend to do what people ask, and because Jessica and AAEBE appear to be batting for the good team. I would also appreciate it if readers considered making a brief submission, either by email or by answering the typically easy (and typically annoying) online survey. I give some details of and general thoughts on the inquiry below, the Terms of Reference are here and the Consultation Paper is here. The deadline for submissions is in a week, on 14 February. 13/02/24 The deadline for submissions has been extended two weeks, until 28 February.

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