90 Degrees and 60 Minutes

Last week, and a year late, 60 Minutes got to the story of the two black American kids who came up with a “trigonometric proof” of Pythagoras’s theorem. Their report was sweet, manipulative and absurd. The two girls were charming, their mathematics teacher and their school more generally seemed cultured and intelligent, the 60 Minutes reporter was a beaming idiot, and the girls’ impressive and unexplained achievement was blown out of proportion by a factor of about a thousand. There was not a mathematician in sight. Continue reading “90 Degrees and 60 Minutes”

WitCH 123: Blockheads

Ok, I’ve started to look more carefully, and my conclusion will come as no great surprise to the “I told you so” readers: NAPLAN still really sucks. Clearly, my informant was drunk.

Over the next few days, I will be posting a number of WitCHes, on questions from the post-2016 tests to which I currently have access. I’ll then try hard to find the time to write on NAPLAN more generally. I have also updated The ACARA Page¬†with internal links, to make it easier to access all the NAPLAN posts and articles from over the years.

Continue reading “WitCH 123: Blockheads”