Phonics, Experts and the Warriors for Freedom

It is unnerving to suggest it, and it is still early days, but Ben Carroll might be a very good Minister for Education. Carroll was righteously and rightly angry about the VCE exams screw-ups, on which basis Carroll instigated the excellent Bennett review. Then, a week or so ago, Carroll announced that the Government would be “putting explicit teaching in every classroom”, including that K-2 students in Victoria’s public schools will be taught reading “using a systematic synthetic phonics approach”. This is great news, which of course pissed off some people. Which is also great news. Continue reading “Phonics, Experts and the Warriors for Freedom”

RatS 14: Jen Deyzel on The Great Decline

Jen Deyzel¬†is a retired primary school teacher, a “septuagenarian” (now octogenarian) with decades of experience. She came up in conversation with a parent, whose children are tutored by Jen. In 2017, Jen wrote an essay on the decline of Australia’s educational standards. Jen has kindly permitted us to reproduce her essay, below (and in PDF form here).

The Great Decline:

Why Australia’s Education Standards are Plummeting Fast

Jen Deyzel

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