VIT Annual Registration: A Request For Information

VIT isĀ still completing applications for the 2023 annual registration (for which applications were due September 30, 2022). I am trying to figure out an aspect of this nonsense, and I would really like to hear from or about teachers who have had their registration delayed, from whom VIT has requested “further documentation”, and so on. Continue reading “VIT Annual Registration: A Request For Information”

VIT Gets the Love They Earned

The Victorian Institute of Teaching conducted a survey of teachers last year. Let’s say the results weren’t overwhelmingly positive.

I’ve previously made clear my feelings about VIT. Just last week I heard a story about a teacher currently being dicked around by VIT that made my blood boil. I can’t tell the story, I can’t help the teacher, but I can reiterate that I regard VIT as a thoroughly incompetent and thoroughly loathsome organisation.