Good Bye, Christian

I really liked Christian Kerr. In the early days of Crikey he was the reason, the only reason, to subscribe. Christian was smart and incisive, and very funny. He skewered whatever, whomever, there was to skewer. I corresponded with him some in those early years, tried to nudge him to be *slightly* less right wing, never with any success. He had and maintained very large blind spots. But my small conversations with him were always friendly and honest and engaging. And, as a writer for Crikey, Christian Kerr was invaluable. We need him now, more than ever.

Bernard Keane and Stephen Mayne (paywalled) and Susan Brown have written lovely tributes.

In Defense of Alan Tudge

We’ve been working on a post defending a nazi,* so we may as well warm up with a try on Tudge.**

The first thing to say is that Tudge is an asshole. As we wrote on another occasion, Tudge is a nastydown-punchingvindictiveglass-jawed, born to rule shithead.  He should have ceased to have been a Minister long, long ago. But, for the life of us, we cannot yet see the business between Tudge and Miller as more than the messy aftermath of an ill-advised and tangled but consensual affair between high-intensity adults, between a powerful boss and their hardly-powerless underling. Continue reading “In Defense of Alan Tudge”