What Are the Good Mathematics Teaching Resources?

There’s no been shortage of Bad Stuff posts lately, even by the wallowing standards of this blog. So, today, let’s have an uplifting chat:* what are the good mathematics teaching resources?

This is the third and final post inspired by mysterious commenter texas. First, for who people should read on maths ed, see the discussion here. Then, for the discussion about good (and bad) mathematics curricula, go here. Now it’s on to mathematics teaching resources, by which we mean anything that can contribute to the content of teaching: notably good textbooks, problem sets and so forth.

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Witch 109: Bad Language

This is a continuation of a previous WitCH (and PoSWW) on the Logic and Proof chapter of VicMaths, Nelson’s Specialist Mathematics Year 12 text. The previous WitCH comprised the first part of Section 3.1, titled Conjectures, together with some associated exercises. The remainder of 3.1 covered conjectures proper, including examples and counterexamples and the like:

Yes …

On to 3.2, titled The Language of Proof. Below are the, um, highlights from this section. We’ve restrained ourselves and not included associated exercises.

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Let Them Eat Dreck

Yesterday, we wrote about the Maths Battles at Adelaide’s Prince Alfred College, but of course, the big, nationwide maths battling took place last week, with the holding of the annual Australian Mathematics Competition. Administered by the Australian Maths Trust, the AMC was undertaken by ballpark 200,000 school kids from around the country and overseas.

The competition is excellently done. We arranged and administered the comp for kids at our daughters’ primary school, and for such an everywhere undertaking the process was remarkably simple and human. Moreover, for the clueless such as ourselves, AMT’s email help was great: quick and clear and friendly. More importantly, the competition questions are excellent, clearly written and clever and well-chosen, progressing from very obvious to very not obvious (even at the primary level). The AMT, including strong mathematicians, and including a few of our friends, work very hard to get this competition right. And, to those mathematicians, particularly our friends, we offer these two words: screw you. Continue reading “Let Them Eat Dreck”

Notch 8: Battling Away at Prince Alfred College

Anthony Harradine is tireless in trying to save Australian Maths Ed. He is responsible for MathsCraft and Numerical Acumen, and all manner of things. Anthony invariably takes a positive, Nice Guy approach to all this. Nonetheless, we get along very well.

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Witch 108: A Mean Trig

This one, which has been discussed a bit here, comes from the 2023 NHT Methods Exam 2. It is a little strange. There are aspects of the question we like, or at least there are some interesting ideas underlying the question. Nonetheless there is no shortage of crap, and so here we are.

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Tom’s Latest Post: Introducing Negative Numbers

Tom has a new post on his Teaching Mathematics blog: Introducing Negative Numbers. Amongst other things, Tom suggests that Europeans eventually accepted this mathematical magic because of the genius and/or stubbornness of accountants. Please support Tom’s blog and check it out.

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UNSW Yells Bright and Not So Bright for the Voice

UNSW proudly claims to have been the first of the Go8 universities to declare support for the Voice to Parliament, and they’re now supporting the Voice with all lights blazing. This is a mistake, professionally and ethically. And, most importantly and least importantly, it is a strategic mistake. As a supporter of the Voice, it is sad and frustrating to see these guys stuffing up.

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Victoria’s New F-10 Curriculum is Out

A couple readers have kindly (?) alerted us to the fact that Victoria’s new F-10 curriculum is now out. Yay. And yeah, this should probably be a WitCH but, really, what shouldn’t? To steal from First Dog, the list of things that shouldn’t be a WitCH is quite short. Continue reading “Victoria’s New F-10 Curriculum is Out”